About Us

How Does it Feel to be Financially Free?

Comfortable? Accomplished? Confident? Whatever your answer, it’s personal and unique to you. The mission of Laurel Tree Advisors is to help you achieve financial freedom so that you can focus on the things that are truly important to you. We strive to align your wealth management plan with your personal core values, goals and beliefs.

We are passionately advocating, advising and educating our clients by offering simple and comprehensive guidance to achieve their financial freedom. We are not a ‘big-box’ financial firm as we believe it’s important to build and personalize our relationship with clients in all areas of their financial life.

Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm

We are a fee-only financial planning firm, which means we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in our client’s best interest and do not accept fees or commission based on product sales. We know your path to financial freedom comes with your own unique set of needs. Let Laurel Tree Advisors help you achieve financial freedom today.


We believe there is a growing need for goals-based financial planning for people who seek financial freedom.

Personalized financial planning

We believe in a financial plan and investment strategy that fits your unique circumstances.

Smart financial decisions

We believe in helping you take charge of your personal finances and assisting you in making smart money decisions.