Alexander Rupert, CFP®

Alexander Rupert Certified Financial Planner at Laurel Tree Advisors

Associate Portfolio Manager


Alexander Rupert is an Associate Portfolio Manager at Laurel Tree Advisors.

Alex joined the firm as an intern while earning his Bachelor of Business Administration degree focusing on Finance. He graduated from the University of Akron and joined Laurel Tree Advisors in his current role in 2014.

Alex is very active on the firm’s investment research committee, providing in-depth reports on securities and economic topics. He also reviews and analyzes investment portfolios as well as preparation and presentation of financial plans. He has developed multiple templates and tools that streamline portfolio allocation and apply investment research that the company currently uses in their business processes. Maintenance of the company website, social media and other various technological tasks are part of Alex’s routine.

He is frequently featured or quoted in various publications, including CNBC, InvestmentNewsMarketWatchCNNMoney, TheStreet and NerdWallet.

In addition to creating financial plans and managing portfolios for clients that are nearing or in retirement, Alex specializes in creating financial plans for the younger demographic who want to maximize the efficiency of their income and resources.

Alex is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Northeast Ohio. In 2016, he led the technology committee and developed the website and social media strategies to more efficiently communicate with the group’s members. Currently, Alex sits on the Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association of Northeast Ohio holding titles of Director of NexGen and Director of Pro Bono. NexGen is a group that focuses on building a community of financial advisors comprised only of financial advisors in a younger demographic. Pro Bono focuses on providing general financial planning to the public.

Alex participates in virtual financial planning through Nerdwallet’s Ask an Advisor and Investopedia’s Advisor Insights where he answers financial questions. Alex is also a member of the Estate Planning Council of Cleveland.

Alex is enthusiastic and creative, with an interest in health and fitness as well as developing relationships and being part of the Cleveland community.