Financial Planning for Young Adults

Young professionals need guidance! If you are looking for straightforward advice that can really make a difference in your ability to succeed, Laurel Tree Advisors can help. Our vision is to provide actionable advice and education about how to best utilize your money and resources to empower you to achieve financial freedom.

Early in your career?

  1. Are you ready to get started planning for your future?
  2. Do you need help deciding how to save?
  3. Do you need guidance to properly manage debt?
  4. Do you want to understand why you should invest in your 401(k)?

Busy young professionals simply need advice on how much to save and how to invest it. When retirement is 30 or more years away, the most important thing is to get started. Determining how much to contribute to your retirement plan is not as easy as it seems. We help you figure out how much you are capable of saving for retirement and still have some fun!

Are you ready for answers?

Starting to think about retirement?

  1. Do you want to focus your finances for retirement?
  2. Are you on track for retirement – are you saving enough?
  3. Are your investments working hard for you?
  4. Are you looking for personalized directions for what to do?

When retirement is 10-20 years away you may be ready to clearly define the steps you need to take to get ready. First we’ll help you assess what you’ve saved so far and how much more you need to get to the finish line. Then, to help you invest your money, we will prepare a personalized Investment Policy Statement which outlines your unique goals and objectives, risk tolerance and any constraints you may choose to place on your investment portfolio. We can get there together.